Climate Action

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Our product is a climate action device which will measure different factors in an area, such as greenhouse gas levels and light levels, to calculate the levels of pollution in an area, and suggest to the customer ways they can improve the environment in a specific area.

UN Sustainable Goals - Climate Action

The primary problem which we want our product to solve is goal thirteen: climate action. Climate change is a global issue that many are trying to overcome daily. Through our product, we aim to be able to provide different types of data to guide local communities towards making their areas more environmentally friendly. These local areas will hopefully see a reduction in such pollutants that our product states are quite high in that area. Our prototype will demonstrate how we want to drive down the issue and tackle the rise in climate change seen over past years. Through collecting and monitoring the data from our product, specific suggestions for each area can be generated allowing for us to have an impact on the pollution levels in many different areas, hopefully, decreasing these levels as a result. Our final product hopes to be an inexpensive, solution to reducing pollution levels in areas which will have a large impact on the state of our planet, making it clearer and healthier than ever before.

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